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Guys, I'm super jazzed about our April Abundance program. I've been working with experts in the coaching industry and I have some amazing tips and talks to bring to you. ALL delivered to your IN BOX. 


I'm thrilled to share with you the skills and tools that I'm leaning on to create abundance in life, love and work! No matter where you want it - it will flow if you follow the practical steps that we will offer in our upcoming course together.


Marcia - if it's that good, why is it FREE? Friends, this is one of the secrets to Abundance. Give and you Receive. I love offering these tools. And I want you to have them. Why? If you THRIVE - I THRIVE. When you are full and energetically equipped to grow - so am I. And it all starts by giving.


Here's what I ask of you - Why not share it with a friend and bring your OWN accountability buddy to the table? Have a friend join the group - and the two of YOU can work through this great course together. 


The course will look like this:

- 4 weeks of content with guest speaker Tris Thorp

- 4 assignments

- FB group to support and encourage along with extra live talks

- A free meditation


What are you waiting for? Register today - and share it with a friend


Update your Abundance Barometer - Free month of mindset coaching with me. We will tap into:
- Love as your baseline
- Job vs Calling
- Moving beyond Guild
- And special discussions with Tris Thorp, Author, Coach and Healer.

 Register today - it's FREE! :) Invite your friends. We can all use a little Abundance right now.

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