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Team Shift



September 2022 - October 2022

Enrolling NOW!

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Do you feel like you keep holding yourself back?

Are you ready to uncover your desires and your gifts?

Do you crave community and connection

with like-minded women?

Are you ready to live your life free of doubt and fear?

Masterclass with Marcia will provide you with the tools and resources to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. If you want to stop dreaming and START LIVING, this class is calling your name.

What is the Masterclass?

The Masterclass with Marcia Hoffheins is an 8-week program, designed to lead you to uncover your passions & turn your deepest desires into a reality - and live a life FREE of fear & doubt.

You'll discover:

what's holding you back 

Your true desires

A new lease on life

You'll leave with a platform for life, not just temporary success.


Move into greatness. Register now.

Can your dream life wait another minute? We didn’t think so.



“This program changed everything for me. I realized I wasn't fulfilling my INSIDE desires. My whole family has benefitted from the change in me!”

- Lauren B


“Marcia doesn't give you the answers - she encourages, helps, and pushes YOU to dig down down and find out who you are, what you want in life, and how to make it happen. Because of this life-changing work, I started to receive, in abundance, what I was putting out into the universe."

- Brianna


"When I made the commitment to join the Masterclass, I thought of it as “extra work” and a big undertaking.  After the first week, my perception completely changed!  This was an incredible opportunity to work deeper on myself, and the timing was perfect!”

- Melissa B


Want a sneak peek into the program?

Weeks 1 - 3

Inner Child & Shadow work - Like Shrek we are onions. We will work on identifying old patterns, beliefs and inner wounds so we can move into our power


Weeks 2 - 4

Core Desires + Soul Work - Let's get to the "feeling" of what it is we want, how we want to live and get out of the doing for doing's sake.

Weeks 3 - 6

Soul Work + Relationships - What type of relationship patterns have we been practicing, what do we want them to look at  and what do we deserve - will all unfold during our time together.


Weeks 4 - 8

Relationships + Manifesting - Let's re-map our minds, learn some new manifesting techniques and bring our dreams to life


Weeks 6 - 8

Vision+Planning+Creation - Write it down, map it out and put an individual plan into place

The Who

With 20 years under her belt as a leader in the wellness industry, Marcia Hoffheins – creator of Make Shift Happen, has made it her mission to help other people change their lives. Marcia is a Coach, Wellness Guide and thought leader. She made a commitment to truly live a life of authenticity and vulnerability, while encouraging others to do the same. Make Shift Happen was founded through Marcia’s own personal practices to personal growth & development.

Marcia is joined by Kristi Littman + Coleen Clement along with other guest presenters during the course of the 8 week program

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20200115_Coleen Clement-185.jpg

Marcia Hoffheins | The Catalyst

Coleen Clement

Alignment Guide

Kristi Littman

Guest Presenter


  • Private Facebook Group – a space to support each other, share resources, and build connections & community

  • An accountability partner to help you expand and grow, who will also be your new friend for life.

  • Original Content, crafted through years of study and course work

  • Tangible tools to make your goals a reality

  • Guest Speakers – delivering tangible, actionable ideas to help you SHIFT your dreams into a reality

  • Weekly emails with content to guide you 



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