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hi, I'm Marcia





I believe in the power of storytelling and how it helps people heal.


I am here to support you as you tap into who you are meant to be. To guide you in living your life on a soul level, by leading from the heart and connecting with yourself & those around you.


The person you are—the person you know you are meant to be—is waiting for you to get started.



I have been a leader in the wellness industry for the past 18 years. I am the creator of the Make Shift Happen programs, Wellness Educator with doTerra, Personal Development Coach, and Yoga Educator. But this path wasn’t always clear to me. 


Once upon a time, I was an executive at America Online (AOL) - back in the glory days. I worked as an International Account Manager and led AOL to launch on a global scale. I had it all, family, high power career, beautiful home - but my heart felt empty. 


So, at the age of 30 - I took the leap, leaving the corporate comfort zone and stepping out into the wild blue yonder of owning and running my own business. I turned my focus to Interior Design - my next love and I also found my way to yoga, just in time. 


In 2004 I experienced a devastating blow to the soul. My mom passed away at 57 years of age due to incorrect implementation of pharmaceutical drugs. And while it was one of the saddest times of my life, it’s truly when my life began.


I committed to improving health for myself and my family - I immersed myself in the world of self development and growth. From Charlotte, North Carolina to Loudoun County Virginia, I have been a leader in the yoga community, named “Best of” numerous times over the years. I worked with dozens of clients 1:1 through personal coaching, yoga therapy. 


In 2014 my world stopped again as I found myself in a life or death battle with the unknown  - and there was a period of time where it truly seemed like I would die.   We spent weeks in the hospital, and I recall looking at my husband and thinking - “Marcia, if you get out of here, for him, for your girls, for you, you will never hold back again.” Despite all odds, I survived. 


My life began - again. 


Every day, I make a commitment to wake up and DO MORE - to truly live a life of authenticity and vulnerability. I am a guiding force in a world where we need to wake up to our hearts. I work from my heart - and help others work from - and listen to - theirs. In our work together, I will push you to go places you haven't ever thought about going before.


My presence is contagious, my energy is magnetic and my message is unstoppable. My mission in life is to help you change yours. 

Let’s commit to this journey together. 


With Love - Marcia

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