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Marcia Hoffheins, PCC Executive Coach

I’m passionate about empowering  leaders to regain control of their purpose and vitality. I combine my skills as a 20 year yoga professional, former Corporate Executive, Small Business owner and Energy Guide with my experience as an Executive Leadership Coach, to help you reclaim your power.


Coaching is a series of powerful conversations, that take us on a  journey to unlock the wisdom that already exists in you. As the sessions progress, shifts occur and as you take action on your goals - you transform your life!

My why: I spent years feeling overwhelmed and tired.  Even though, I was "living the life" as a wellness professional - I was balancing the demands of career and family - much like you. It took a toll on my mind, my body and my soul. I was constantly being pulled in multiple directions and unsure which way to go. I learned to paint the picture of what I thought others wanted to see or how they needed me to be even when I felt totally different on the inside. 

I am also passionate about supporting women. As a woman who wears multiple hats running my business I know how hard it can be to carve out time to care for yourself and your wellbeing. I know how important it is to be at your best. And I’m here to tell you that this experience doesn’t have to live in your imagination. 

You feel it, your teams are feeling it - and I have designed solutions just for you!


Are you ready for you and your teams to thrive? 


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Money and Mindset - Programs for Women in Business

Join me and my partner Angela Goodman for coaching, masterminds and programs for you to breakthrough mindset barriers around your worth and money. Learn More


Excutive Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching often focuses on both “sides” of a person: the organizational performance and the personal development of the leader. It serves a deeply personal aspect of a client’s growth and development. After all, each of us is more than our professional selves; we are each a whole person.  Coaching provides behavioral insights and learning while accelerating a leader’s effectiveness.

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Wellbeing Offerings for your Company

My workplace  programs improve the wellbeing of your organization and the quality of your employees’ lives. I offer a variety of programs and workshops on topics including being your own CEO mindfulness, and managing stress - just to name a few.

Marcia was easy to talk to and I felt I was able to fully open up when we would dive deep into a particular areas. My action plans for our sessions and just the overall self awareness I gained during the last few months was been incredibly beneficial and has been noticed by my coworkers/team as well as friends and family. - Sara V - PRINCIPLE, OWNER

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