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20210717_ST The Homecoming-360
20210717_ST The Homecoming-360

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Storytellers Presents;
The Experience
October 22, 2022  Charles Town, WV


Are you ready to DIG DEEP & FIND YOUR HEART?

What do you get from a storytellers event
- Transformative - Inspiring - encouraging - empowering - Super Charged - Emotional - lifetime connections

20210717_ST The Homecoming-469.jpg

Let's Write
YOUR Story
October 22, 2022
10am - 5pm

(check in 10 - 11)

During this intimate afternoon - we will be joined

by women who have allowed for massive transformation in their lives to inspire and awaken you to your best self. To deepen your connection

to the world around you - and the world within.


Storyteller events create massive shifts for everyone who attend.


This fall, we will dig in

Go deep

Find your heart

and welcome ourselves home.

We are back in WV for session 2 in 2022. 

Join us.

Saturday, October 22, 2022 - |Charles Town, WV


  • Meet women, just like you, who are looking to transform, grow and support one another (yup, women supporting women)

  • Time to connect, socialize and retreat

  • Meditation|Somatic Practices

  • Making new friends - expanding your community

  • Powerful Stories from leading women in our community + 

  • Self guided + Group activities to connect, learn and grow

  • A new set of tools to help guide yourself into the world


What Participants Say:

"When I started crying at the very beginning I knew I was in the right place. I loved that you created a space for me to freely express myself. I loved the reminder that we all have a story." ST 2020 Participant

I loved how quickly the community came together. I loved hearing and sharing stories. I loved that women came from all walks of life. I loved that the conversation "went there" and went deep quickly. - ST 2021 Participant

 I felt seen and that this was maybe a catalyst to the start of something greater in my life. - 2022 ST Participant


What does a storytellers event feel like? take a look!

want to sponsor this event? Get your business in front of influential women in our community and be a part of women supporting women? email: for more details

Meet the Storytellers


Olivia Howard

The Priestess

The somatic guide.
The Storyteller. Olivia  joins us this fall in a new way. Olivia will be joining us this fall as one of our Storytellers. Olivia's dynamic young life is one to be witnessed by us all. One to be heard, shared and embraced.  The spiritual practice found her, on a yoga mat 12 years ago. It was a catalyst to her breaking "in" vs stepping out. She dove head first into discovery only to find a story that expands beyond the now.


Marcia Hoffheins

The Mastermind. 

The Magic.

Marcia will once again masterfully bring us together in a way that organically flows right back to your SOUL.

It's all about you. It's all about the connection, the guts, the soul and the energy of connection. To be seen, heard and felt. The curation of the programs create the space for each of you to show up, feel at home at peace and cared for as YOU create a path. It's about US 


Ally Blaine

The Facilitator.
The Spark.

A previous Storyteller (Summer 2022) now flips her roles. A role she never really knew she was made for - but actually, her whole life has prepared her for this moment. Ally steps into her greatness with us this fall as a thread to weave it all together. Ally chooses to step beyond what it looks like she should be doing, and challenges the world to see what THEY should be doing through her brave and bold moves. 


Trisha Creppon

The Creator. 

The Change-maker.

The StoryTeller.

The choice to reach out and ask for a cup of coffee with an - at the time - stranger - was the catalyst for Trisha taking control of her story. A powerful moment that she really had no idea the perfect timing, the big risk and the life she never thought she could have was just about to expand in front of her in the form of total destruction. 

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