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Come home with us...
Next Storyteller event date coming soon.

Are you ready to DIG DEEP & FIND YOUR HEART?

Words Previous Attendees use to describe this event:
- Transformative - Inspiring - encouraging - empowering - Super Charged - Emotional


the homecoming

Join us for a mini day retreat!

Storytellers is a day to bring us back to the heart of the matter.


Who we are & how we want to show up for life starts with you digging in, going deep, finding your heart so you can go HOME to your truth.


  • Local women owned businesses - conscious shopping + community

  • Making new friends - expanding your community

  • Powerful Stories from leading women in our community + across the country

  • Self guided + Group activities to connect, learn and grow

  • Meet women, just like you, who are looking to transform, grow and support one another (yup, women supporting women)

  • A day for you to grow

  • Powerful Panel Speakers

  • A new set of tools to help guide yourself into the world

1145 - Day begins with concious shopping and community

1pm - 5pm (roughly we may go till 530!) The Main Event


*Opportunity after the event to mingle, connect, dance, shop and grow!*


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The Mastermind

Creator of Make Shift Happen programs.Coach + Human Design Guide

Marcia is committed to improving health for herself and her family - she immersed herself in the world of self development and growth. She guides from her heart. in 2014 - Marcia had another opportunity to come back to life - literally, After almost losing her life - she was determined to wake up and DO MORE! And Do more she has done. Marcia is a guiding force in a world where we need to wake up to our hearts. Marcia will push you to go places you haven't ever thought about going before. Her presence is contagious. Her energy is magnetic and her message is unstoppable.

Connect with Marcia:

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The Guide

Inner Knowing Guide, Photographer, Artist,

Yoga Teacher & Student


Kristi is a wandering soul with a deep passion for travel, adventure, creativity and human connection. After participating in the Make Shift Happen Mastermind in January of 2019, she left her corporate city job and moved back to Virginia to grow her photography and creative consulting business that aligned with her true purpose. Now living in Portland, Oregon, this work has led her to dive deep with her clients, creating a space where they can show up fully and authentically. You can also find her on the mat as an avid yogi - she completed her teacher training in February 2020. She is a lover of all things outdoors - you can regularly find her hiking, exploring, snapping photos and marveling at the beautiful world we live in. 

Connect with Kristi:





The Warrior

Lead Storyteller


Laura is a ball of energy. Don't blink - you might miss her. Always on the go. Always ready to lend a hand, a smile. She's a fighter through and through. Laura is more than what a bio could explain. Being in her presence is an honor. Laura's story is layered and unforgettable. She will hold you in her hand as she shares her path that has many edges, twists and turns. Laura's healing is still in progress. As she said to me, "If I wrote my bio today it would say: "Lost and trying to hold it together without even knowing what it is". I think that this is where Laura is going to meet our hearts.


Connect with Laura




The Spirit Guide

Olivia is a dreamer and a fierce believer in the power of our ability to co create the life of our dreams. Olivia is a facilitator, a speaker, a teacher, and a lifelong student. For years she has followed teachers like Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, Chelsea Quint, and Marcia Hoffheins. Through their guidance, she has embraced the challenging and empowering personal tools to confront her shit head on - and shed all that does not serve. Currently navigating the wildly beautiful streets of New York City she is learning every day the power of vulnerability and the immeasurable strength we all possess. She works with clients to bring their true voice to every day life through somatic embodiment practices like Emotional Freedom Technique that have the power to change every aspect of their lives. 



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The Hero

Black or white. Yes or no. Win or lose. There was very little room for gray in Jen's competitive, fast-paced world. Until, life threw her a series of pretty hellacious curveballs that changed the game entirely. This pause forced her to face loss, see the shades of gray, and let go of the things that no longer served her. She realized that being strong, “fine”, is a detrimental and lonely existence, and perfection and purpose rarely go hand-in-hand. Jen began finding answers in personal connections - at yoga, church and with people in the grocery store. Each new connection gifted a new perspective worth sharing, and that's why she's here.

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The Inspirer

Welcome to our Keynote speaker

You will fall in love with Nancy the moment she takes the stage.

Microphone in hand, your attention will be on her with no wiggle room to be distracted.

Nancy is vibrant, relatable, raw, unscripted and impactful. Her credentials are long, including: Mastery Coach, Speech Therapist, Speaker and Creator. Her mission is to encourage people to step fully into their truest self and lead people towards their path of purpose. 

Connect with Nancy:





The Rulebreaker

A self described serial entrepreneur, this woman is a powerhouse on all fronts. A career that reads as if she has been at this game for 20+ years, including time at Victoria Secret, Birchbox and Clinique - her resume is quite diverse. A photographer, business coach, podcast creator and fast paced woman on the go, to know Casey is to be in the presence of brilliance. Casey's life lessons guide her every move she makes from motherhood, gardening, friendship and work. The lessons you will learn from this woman will allow you to overhaul your business + life in about 2 minutes. 

Connect with Casey



The Trailblazer

Chief Excitement Officer. Founder. Creator. Survivor. Raquel's vision for the world is unmatched. Passionate about the under 18 crowd and giving them a voice, Raquel literally is changing the social media scene with her new platform - RaqVision. Her zest for life, connection and changing the dialogue around mental health is intoxicating. Passion runs through Raquels veins and you won't be able to get out that room without dancing at the end when the music starts to play. She not only is a killer advocate for teens and kids - but also helps us adults find our TRUEST voice when it comes to Branding. Raquel's depth  on the panel is going to wrap up this whole tribe of women as she is raw, unedited and well... REAL. 


Connect with Raquel:





The Helper

Don't let her soft spoken demeanor fool you. Allison is bold, big and in the truest sense of the word - a healer. Allison spends her days helping us heal from misguided information and conditioning around food. Her work and her gifts that she shares with the world come from her own personal journey with food and nutrition. Allison is a leader in the world of Nutrition, helping us all forge a path forward that allows us to leave "Self Magazine" on the shelf and get in tune with your own unique food groove! Allison is going to bring some expansive knowledge to us as she sits on the panel and allows us to heal our bodies during an event that will be healing our hearts and souls.

Connect with Allison

Welcome to our Vendors

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at
Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 2.28.53 PM.png

Tori Truesdale,True Belonging, Organization Specialist