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Human Design
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Human Design is a combination of several ancient wisdom traditions including the Chinese I'Ching, Kabbalah Tree of Life, Hindu Chakra system and Astrology. I love that it’s rooted in ancient wisdom while being practical and applicable to every day life in the modern world.

Human Design is a unique system of understanding energy and how you’re designed to exchange and interact with energy in life so you can experience more fulfillment and flow.

Your Human Design chart is like your energetic roadmap. You came into this life with a specific purpose, life strategy, inner guidance system, skill set, karma and energy type which is all contained in your human design chart.

Human Design has shined light on my natural gifts and the unique way my energy wants to be expressed in the world. It's helped me to drop the conditioning I've picked up over time around who I “should” be and gives me permission to live my most authentic life.

A Human Design reading will provide you with a deep understanding of your unique energy & how you were designed to navigate life, career & relationships. You’ll learn about your unique gifts and how to create a life that feels in the flow

Are you Ready to

shift your life by design?


INCLUDES: Human Design Overview + Energy Type + 60-Minute Consultation

This reading includes my Human Design Overview that is over an hour long & will give you a deeper understanding of what human design is, the five Human design energy types, more about your chart, how to understand your chart, an overview of strategy, authority, gates, channels, profile, incarnation cross & so much more!

Watching the HD overview prior to our reading will allow for us to spend your 1:1 reading focusing on your unique chart. You’ll also receive an energy type video that will give you a thorough understanding of your unique energy type. In the reading you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your design & how to leverage it in your life for more fulfillment and flow. There is also time for Q & A.

We’ll focus on your one-of-a-kind chart & discuss your energy type, decision making process, life strategy, manifesting process, gates, channels, arrows, profile, incarnation cross & so much more. 


You will gain a deeper understanding of how your energy works, what your super powers are, how to navigate life, career and relationships and feel a deep validation in who you came to be in this life



This reading is only available to those who’ve had a Foundational reading with me.


In this reading we’ll build on the foundational reading & you’ll learn how to creatively integrate the information you’ve learned about your chart into your life, career, relationships, health, etc..


We’ll dive deeper into your Human Design chart, address your questions, challenges & blind spots.


If you have a desire to take your experience with Human Design to the next level, integrate what you’ve learned into your life, drop the conditioning & rise to your fullest potential - this is for you!



"I have so much  gratitude for Marcia and her incredible gift of guiding me through my Human Design reading! Marcia brings so many dynamic layers and wisdom to the readings that make it like no other experience I’ve had. Doing this reading was like opening a door and meeting myself in the most beautiful way possible. It helped me to embrace my authenticity and gave me permission to live a life that is vibrant and aligned. Marcia is a brilliant, heart-centered, and intuitive guide and I am grateful she is sharing her gift with the world!"


- Coleen Clement, LMT, E-RYT 500

"My small business was struggling. I was struggling. I was desperate for a reset. Marcia's Human Design work gave me an understanding on how to best use my energy in my personal life and my work gave me back my POWER. And it gave my business a SOUL. HD allowed me to have a very clear vision of my business, and gave me the tools to tend to the soul and essence of my store. To treat her like the living, breathing entity that she is. Marcia and her HD work gave me, my store, and my business a breath of fresh air and inspiration to make the changes in order to go from surviving to thriving. We started working together 4 months ago and our monthly sales average is up by 30%...and it keeps getting better. And more importantly, Marcia and HD gave me a deeper understanding of MYSELF which has allowed me to step into my power and be the business owner, partner, and friend I always knew was there. 


I cannot recommend Marcia and her HD business enough. She sees your power and hands you the mirror. Buckle up...your life is about to light up!"

- Allyson Blaine, Owner/Operator - Neighbors, Local Market - Leesburg VA

“When I think of Marcia, I think of her as a light bulb! A light bulb that is always ‘on’! I say this because every time I work with her she gifts me with so many light bulb moments. She has a way of truly listening to you and tapping into your soul. After attending one of her Human by Design workshops, I honestly was able to look at myself in such a different light......a beautiful, bright and shiny light. One of the more incredible things about Marcia is she herself is a student of life, not just the teacher. She never makes you feel like she’s the only one with the answers. If anything, she helps you harness those answers yourself. I am blessed to have Marcia in my life as a guiding light!”


- Raquel Borras, True to You Branding/Creator - RaqVision (A mindful & supportive playground for our youth)

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