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February 11 - April 28



Are you ready to make lasting change?

The masterclass ENCOURAGES LIFE CHANGING shifts THAT WILL help you turn youR dreams into a reality.

What is the Masterclass?

The Masterclass with Marcia Hoffheins is a 12-week program, designed to lead you to uncover your passions & turn your deepest desires into a reality - and live a life FREE of fear & doubt.

You'll discover what's holding you back from achieving your dreams, and create an action plan to set your goals in motion.

You'll leave with a platform for life, not just temporary success.


Move into greatness. Register now.

Don't wait another second. Join now.



The masterclass is a game changer. This is the MSH program that changed EVERYTHING for me. I needed accountability, and I needed help finding myself again. This program gave me the tools to change the direction of my life, uncover my dreams, and take action. It was exactly what I was looking for.


This program was one of the most influential I have ever attended. The concepts and ideas Marcia brought forward helped me realign my goals in a completely different way. And her style simultaneously challenged and supported me in the most beautiful way possible. It is amazing, almost one year later, to see how my life has changed - all for the better. 


This program changed everything for me. I immediately signed up for a training that I had always wanted to do - because through looking at my OUTSIDE goals - I realized, I wasn't fulfilling my INSIDE desires. My whole family has benefitted from the change in me!



By joining The Masterclass, you will gain access to a support system of like-minded people who are also making a commitment to growth and expansion. Together, we will provide support and accountability for one another as we take on life shifts.


During this 12-week program, we will reconnect deeply with ourselves and those in the group. The weekly content is designed to help you identify who you are, how you want to live, what your deepest desires and how to accomplish them. We are digging in on a SOUL level.


We will have LIVE conversations with the group every Tuesday from 7pm - 8:30pm, via Zoom call. These weekly conversations provide us a safe space to check in with ourselves and each other as we take the next step and make MASSIVE change.



Marcia Hoffheins

With 20 years under her belt as a leader in the wellness industry, Marcia Hoffheins – creator of Make Shift Happen, has made it her mission to help other people change their lives. Marcia is a doTerra Wellness Educator, Personal Development Coach, Yoga Educator, and thought leader. She made a commitment to truly live a life of authenticity and vulnerability, while encouraging others to do the same. Make Shift Happen was founded through Marcia’s own personal practices to personal growth & development.


  • 12 Weeks of Group Coaching

  • Weekly live talks every Tuesday at 7pm

  • Digital Workbook

  • Private Members only page on the website to access weekly content

  • Private Facebook Group – a space to support each other, share resources, and build connections & community

  • An accountability partner to help you expand and grow

  • Essential Oil Package specially curated to help support you on this journey. 

  • A plan to take your current goals and turn them into your reality / set them in motion

  • Guest Speakers – delivering tangible, actionable ideas to help you SHIFT your dreams into a reality

  • Workout Videos

  • Weekly emails with content to guide you 

  • One complimentary hour of 1 on 1 coaching with Marcia

  • Making Shift Happen curated playlists to keep your body MOVING in order to make significant change

Investment - $599

(Deposit of $100 is due at registration. Payment plan will be coordinated with Marcia once initial deposit is complete.)

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