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Studio Shift - A Wellness Movement - FAQ

Drop Ins:

Question: - If I buy a drop in and can't use my second class within the 24 hours, can I use it at a later day?

Answer: Yes, Simply email studio shift (emailaddress) and we will send you a special code to redeem your 2nd pass. This must be used within 1 week. **Please note, by using this special code - you will restart a 24 hour period - we ask that you honor the system and not use it for more than 1 class**

Question: If I started taking yoga with Marcia in March, will I still get the special rate? 

Answer: Yes, legacy students will have a PROMOCODE that they always use to enter when buying drop in's to get the special rate.

Question: If I have a bunch of drop ins that I bought before Namastream, can I still use them?

Answer: Yes, Please email (studioshift email) to get your special promo code to redeem your drop in's until they are used up. Again, we work on the honor system

Streaming only:

Question: If I am streaming during the month of May, how will I get my discount on drop in classes?

Answer: Once you buy the streaming pass, we will send you your May promocode to use for the month. (note: each month the promocode will change, so you will get a new one when you update your streaming subscription)

Monthly/Yearly Membership

Question: If I want to sign up for privates, who do I contact?

Answer: Please email Studio Shift and we will help you get scheduled with the teacher of your choice

Question: How do I get the promocode to get my free unlimited classes?

Answer: Please email studio shift and we will send it to you

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