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Join Marcia and the Storytellers for a day-long event designed to  provide the tools and support to step into your truth, amplify your story, and change your life. 

The day includes an introduction  to Marcia's Make Shift Happen program, guest speakers, personal growth planning, mindful meditation, dance parties and so much more!

January 11th, 2020 | 10am - 8pm

The Lake House, Reston

January 11th, 2020

9am - 9pm

The Lake House, Reston



Guest speakers

  • Panel discussions

  • Heart-centered work designed to help you tap into your truest self 

  • Breath work

  • Meditation

  • Connection to a community of like-minded friends 

  • FUN (we must have fun!)


  • food trucks on site for lunch (or pack your own)

  • snacks/coffee/water included

  • SWAG bag full of goodies


  • We will round out the event with a FUN-filled closing celebration to send you off to a great start in 2020!

  • The day will be broken up into 4 digestible sections with a mid-day lunch break!

Full Event - $200

*Payment plans available upon request. Please email Marcia directly -

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The Mastermind

Creator of Make Shift Happen programs. Wellness Educator.Coach. Yoga Educator.

Marcia is committed to improving health for herself and her family - she immersed herself in the world of self development and growth. She guides from her heart. in 2014 - Marcia had another opportunity to come back to life - literally, After almost losing her life - she was determined to wake up and DO MORE! And Do more she has done. Marcia is a guiding force in a world where we need to wake up to our hearts. Marcia will push you to go places you haven't ever thought about going before. Her presence is contagious. Her energy is magnetic and her message is unstoppable.



The Healer

Coleen is fiercely compassionate, deeply empathic, and lover of learning. She is a co-collaborator in all areas of Make Shift Happen - the Retreat, the Shift Express, and the Storytellers experience. At her core, Coleen is a healer. As yoga educator and mentor, has dedicated her life to helping others heal their wounds and step into their fullest selves to embrace the lives they were always meant to live. She has learned from personal experience that with the right tools and a true desire to do the work, we are capable of incredible, life altering change. She lives with her beautiful family in Colorado where she regularly connects with mother nature through hiking, eating delicious soul food, and follows the path her artistic soul takes her. 

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The Connector

Black or white. Yes or no. Win or lose. There was very little room for gray in Jen's competitive, fast-paced world. Until, life threw her a series of pretty hellacious curveballs that changed the game entirely. This pause forced her to face loss, see the shades of gray, and let go of the things that no longer served her. She realized that being strong, “fine”, is a detrimental and lonely existence, and perfection and purpose rarely go hand-in-hand. Jen began finding answers in personal connections - at yoga, church and with people in the grocery store. Each new connection gifted a new perspective worth sharing, and that's why she's here.


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The Organizer

Over her twenty-year career in fundraising, Erin Troia has come to be known as “the swiss army knife” – a versatile, flexible, and indispensable resource for any team. By day, Erin guides nonprofits through the advancement services maze as a fundraising data strategist. She creates data, systems, and processes that work for organizations in a way that makes sense to fundraisers, data folks, and nonprofit leaders so they can raise more money.  The Make Shift Happen Team is convinced she’s secretly a ninja. Erin finds simple solutions for complex problems with clarity and ease. She is an avid student of positive psychology, a personal growth junkie, marathon runner, certified professional coach, and super-suburbanite boy mom.


Jason 2.jpg

The Cheerleader

Jason is our resident optimist. His motto is: “If Mondays suck, that sucks. There are at least 4,000 Mondays in your life!” In other words, you better suck it up buttercup and love what you do because you’re in for a bumpy ride if you don’t. Jason is no stranger to difficulty and his powerful story of personal redemption and healing in the midst of tragedy informs his relentless zeal for finding silver linings and helping others seek the beauty in life no matter the obstacles on the path. Jason, a dad of four is already plotting to be the world’s greatest grandparent. When he isn’t busy building houses and spreading his infectious love for life, you can find him somewhere between the ocean, the sun, and the sand.



The Manifestor

Olivia is a dreamer and a fierce believer in the power of our ability to co create the life of our dreams. Olivia is a facilitator, a speaker, a teacher, and a lifelong student. For years she has followed teachers like Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, Chelsea Quint, and Marcia Hoffheins. Through their guidance, she has embraced the challenging and empowering personal tools to confront her shit head on - and shed all that does not serve. Currently navigating the wildly beautiful streets of New York City she is learning every day the power of vulnerability and the immeasurable strength we all possess. She works with clients to bring their true voice to every day life through somatic embodiment practices like Emotional Freedom Technique that have the power to change every aspect of their lives. 

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The Wanderer

Kristi is a wandering soul with a deep passion for travel, adventure, and creativity. After participating in the Make Shift Happen Mastermind in January of 2019, she left her corporate city job and moved back to Virginia to grow her creative consultant business that aligned with her true purpose. This work has led her to work with major food brands, wellness entrepreneurs, and the Make Shift Happen team to create marketing and social media campaigns that speak to their authentic truth and amplify it to the rest of the world. You can also find her on the mat as an avid yogi - she’ll be completing her teacher training this fall. She is a lover of all things outdoors - you can regularly find her hiking, exploring, snapping photos and marveling at the beautiful world we live in. 

Are you ready to amplify your story? 

Join us for a transformational day that will have you celebrating and embracing the life you were meant to live. The world needs you - and so do we. 


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