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Everything old is new again

What am I doing?

I'm not even sure where to start and or why I have decided to write a blog again. But here I AMMMMM and well, let's see how long this lasts for. My very first blog post was about me almost dying back in 2014. Something special happens when you are faced with some life altering moments. But then, what I have really leaned into is that every moment in life is altering and magnificent - if you allow it to be.

These past 2 years, well, you can say, brought us 1 too many opportunities to be altered. To be pulled apart, stripped down and then put back together. I think I am turning to the blog again, because social media is just becoming such a fucking show. Like - literally has replaced TV - it's my adult ADHD entertainment -

And I'm not sorry for what I said.

Reels, TikTok, Performance, all of it.

Seriously! When you meet the people behind the Reels and TikToks - do they REALLY act like that? The answer is no. There are indeed a lot of men and women who are able to use these tools and be exactly as they are in real life as they are on the socials - I'll give you that. (I'll guess - Glennon Doyle, Brene Brown, Gary Vee... There are probably more - but to name a few that I see)

OR at least this is what I imagine and dream, that this is how they are and who they are. I love the simplicity of what social media can be. Yes, I've watched The Social Dilemma. I understand algorithms. I get that the pretty pictures sell. Sex, Magic, Rock n Roll - Right? But I refuse to sell myself.

My people need me to be real, honest, raw and unaffected. I can't be on 24/7. I am not a performer. IN person I can turn it on - but I need energy around me to do so - otherwise - it's like I'm just that little girl, alone in her bedroom standing on her bed with her hairbrush pretending to be on stage singing to the world - I'll do THAT all day long, but you don't need me to video it and put it on social media :) In fact, you can BET that at least 1x per week I'm doing that (so imagine it for yourself LOL) What brought this ramble on? I don't know. Really, I don't. I guess just a desire to reach you in a new way/old way. To get back to the stories. To get back to feeling shit. Not feeling like everything needs to be a big teaching moment or even a spectacle. I don't need to show you my workouts (they suck) tell you if I'm sober (I am), show you a new yoga pose (I'm working on triangle still) let you know about my latest offering (visit my website to see what I do - oh wait - you are on it!)... but just a space to set my soul free. Creatively write. Express myself - with no pressure.

If you got this far - THANK YOU! and... Comment if you feel like it. Reach out if you feel the pull. Hire me for a yoga private, yoga class, 1:1 coaching, HD Reading or simply join my online coaching program.

OR - Do nothing. It's all up to you. Thanks for listening.

Go Be Magic

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