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Live a Vibrant and Energetic Life

Recently I did a live talk with my good friend Lauren Kirchmaier over at Flora and Vino to share with her audience of foodies some of my daily routine tips and tricks that are common to be shared during our Make Shift Happen Programming.

If you missed it (which I'm guessing you did, since you know, Live Instagram's go away) here's a recap of what I shared.

It's no secret - what we do consistently pays off in long term dividends.  And no, I'm not a financial expert (I know my calling).

When I work with my online coaching groups and my 1:1 coaching clients there are always 3 consistent things we talk about committing to in order to create the change they are seeking.

Whether it be:

- More energy

- More focus and vibrancy

- A career change

- A move

You name it - whatever you are creating for yourself - these 3 tips will be sure to keep you flowing.

Let's enhance your ENERGY ECONOMY together!

- Daily GRATITUDE Journaling - GRATITUDE is the name of the game. Imagine you are inhaling gratitude. Then think about smoking (can you feel it) and that is the OPPOSITE of inhaling gratitude. Anything else chokes you. 

Proven Scientific Benefits are:

- Better health (physical, mental and emotional)

- Better Self Esteem

- Better Sleep

- Better Empathy - Removes Aggression

- HYDRATE -  Drink water. Water will flush out any negative energy from your body. Inflammation, stagnation and tension. Shoot for your body weight in water (oz) daily. I know it sounds crazy, but it's one of the greatest ways to keep the body in a state of flow inside - out.

- MOVEMENT - Yes it's this simple. Move your body. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes a day. It doesn't even matter what it is. I say, put on a great playlist and dance around your kitchen; get on your rebounder and bounce around (*side note this is great to flush out the lymphatic system) yoga, HIIT, walk, jog - you do you boo! And ENJOY!

In addition to these 3 things, it's important to have a purposeful why behind your desired outcome, goal, destination - and that the understanding that once you reach that milestone, you are in it for life - vs stop and say - well, i'm done. 

The journey is the experience, the journey IS the reward - and I say, let's show up AS IF it's done - show up AS HER

XO - Marcia

follow Lauren on Instagram: flora_and_vino and on Facebook at: Flora & Vino

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