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My weekly date - With myself

In this post, I’m sharing you a weekly date I keep with myself. (OK - well, I try)

I'm actually writing this blog because - I will be honest, I've let it go recently. This quarantine pulled me in some new directions - but that's no excuse to lose sight of what's important.

I teach this as part of our Shift Programming - especially examining the past year of how you spent your time - and making sure you only carry forward the people, activities, jobs, hobbies, food that - SERVE.

I hope you will find value in this post!

I do this on Thursday afternoons. I wrap up my week this way - as many times, I'm working on weekends.

Leading trainings, teaching essential oil classes - and if I'm not, I dedicate my time to my family. This might look better for you on a Sunday morning, or afternoon in preparation for the week to come.

I grab my laptop, my journal, my calendar, my to do list a cup of something delicious and I get to planning.

Every week we are gifted 168 hour to live with. We feel more productive based on what we have prioritized

DO you track your time?
Do you time block?

This is a great way to access data on how you are honestly spending your time. For a long time I resisted the schedule - the creative person that I am - however, it provides a GREAT account for what I'm giving my time, attention and focus to.

Do you floss your teeth? If you take yoga classes with me - you hear me say things like "practice is like flossing your teeth, we should be doing this every day" - it's a funny joke, but it's true. We need to floss and care - and clean out the gunk. So... we should also "floss" our schedule, our calendars, our priorities, our "to do's"

Simple routines have a huge impact. I learned about the 10 minute tidy up awhile back. 10 minutes at night to straighten up before you go to bed. As a former neat freak - this is really important for my and my families sanity.

Trust me, we are all happier when I am not triggered by a dirty kitchen ;) You can apply this to every room in your house. I do it in the morning with my bedroom, bathroom. Throughout the day with my main living area/office and at night with my kitchen.

"Don't Waste Time" - Andre Lappa. My great teacher taught us about yoga sequencing. But really - a lesson for life.

So, back to this date -- I do a series of things, it takes me about an hour and it sets up my upcoming week to feel creative, purposeful and expansive.

It helps me connect to my intention for LIFE.

What I'm sharing is a way to increase and enhance your energy economy. So you, yourself, Feel full vs exhausted.

I start by looking back on my week, and plan forward based on what I want to keep, what I need to shift and plan these things into my week before ANYTHING else.

OK, listen, guys, I'm not a planner. Truly, I was a rockstar project manager, I can project manage things really well. When it came to MY life, MY business - this was hard. Discipline is NOT one of my strengths. It just isn't. So what I'm sharing with you is something that I have had to curate over time. Prioritize, RE-PRIORITIZE, re-examine and reshape as I float in and out of time and space.

Things to look at as you start this process:

Food I look at what I ate the week before - I keep track, do you? And I think about what I want to take forward, and what to leave behind. For you meal preppers - this is a great time to get together your plan for the week. I am not a meal prepper - but I always know what I want to eat!

Workouts - Schedule it in! If there are new workouts you want to try (and now more are accessible than EVER before) schedule this in. Get your food and your workouts set - before you do ANYTHING else.

Priorities - what needs to get done? In order to move your life, relationships, business forward. I look at all 3. If I'm not doing something everyday that moves me forward in my relationship with myself, my friends/family - then I have no business to look at my business. Schedule almost double the time you think necessary - and try to keep it to 3 things per day to work on. I get into overwhelm when I try to cram too many "A list items" (hello Franklin Covy) onto my list.

Development - what are you doing to develop yourself? Read? Listen to a podcast? Taking a course? Yes, I set aside time each week (in fact, daily) to develop my mind and my heart. My growth - depends on it!

If applicable: outsourcing. Last year I identified that I needed someone in my life that would be part of my business. To grow along with me. That the work impacted them so much - that they would want to share in the journey. If this is you, if you know that this is something that you need, first - find someone who is aligned and ready to work with you. Get really clear on what your strengths are - and what theirs are - so that it's clear who does what. In the early stages, this might be for trade/bartar - and then your goal should be to have this work free you enough to move the needle forward in your business. It might even look like hiring a housecleaner, babysitter or home assistant if this is more applicable to you.

here are our top resources for focus and productivity.

Podcasts: (just a few)

Beyond the to do list: David Allen

The Life Coach School Podcast: Brooke Castillo

The Daily Mastery Podcast: Robin Sharma

Books: (a small selection)

Where ever you start - start today! You will feel lighter, more energized, focused and creative!

Go live your best life! Together we will RISE.

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