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Protect Yo'Self

I had a fun Live chat with my good Friend Melissa Beaver @Create_your_balance around protecting your energy during the time of COVID. Now, truth is - these tips are great for you at ANY time of the year.

Here's a great summary of what we discussed and the things you can do to keep yourself with a HIGH ENERGY ECONOMY

Maybe you've woken up physically feeling great, mentally sharp - but your ENERGY is draggin. Babes - it's real. 

Melissa dropped some great truth and deep wisdom on our talk - and we are summarizing it for you here  (in case you missed it)

First and foremost, is is important to know you have control of your own energy.  You have to be the one to protect it from things, people, situations that will deplete and steal your energy. Here are 3 easy ways to empower yourself and stand in your control and your power. 1. Physically Remove Yourself:  If you encounter a situation, etc, that is making you feel

uneasy, sends uncomfortable feelings through you, etc, you can physically relocate your body. shifting your body will also shift your attention to something that brings you joy!  Leave the room, go outside, listen to a songs that lite you up, sing, dance, snuggle your pets, etc.  Redirect yourself to something that will give you a charge of joy and love. 2.  Put You Garage Door Down:  You can energetically imagine a door, filled with love, lower in front of you. With this "door" lowering, you need to maintain the feelings of love for the situation, person, but to "shield" yourself at that moment.  Sometimes, things or people can be too much to process at a specific time, and it is OK to not deal with it in that moment.  Feel yourself giving the person/situation love but having an energetic field surround you as well with this same love and compassion.  With that, you maintain your energy and do not allow another person's, situation , to deplete or steal from you.  You have the control!  I have also imagined putting myself in a bubble, just like Glenda the Good Witch!  Have fun with this as there is no right or wrong.  It is for YOU! 3. Cut The Energetic Cord:  If these tactics still do not work, another's energy could have a hold on you.  You will need to cut this energetic hold, or cord.  Sit in a quiet place, take a few breaths to ground.  Close your eyes, and "see" what it is that is depleting your energy.  More often than not, you will already know, but sometimes you may have to sit with this, and know it may be more than one thing.  When you "see" this, grab you scissors (your index and middle fingers0 and cut where the cord is, and proceed around your body, head, etc.  Do this as long as you need to release what was not serving you.  With this, send it off, again, with love.   With all of these rituals, you need to know that you are always in control and that it may just simply take some time.  With practice, awareness, and compassion, you will master all these techniques and your own energy will be restored replenished and be as strong as yOU!

Protect Yo'Self my babes

XO - M

If you have any questions about these techniques, please reach out to  Follow Melissa on IG create_your_balance

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